Donate: Spring Break Day Camp Supplies


Spring Break Day Camp


March 28 - April 1


ABQ Central
8216 Central Ave SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108


Arthur Pacheco, Children's Pastor
Bianca Rivas, Family Ministries Pastor


We are preparing for our annual Spring Break Day Camp and have several needs for supplies, meals and snacks.  Please reply to this post to let us know what you can bring.


10 x 30oz cartons of Goldfish
20 lbs of Pretzels
16 big packs of cookies
200 Fruit Snacks
40lbs of Apples
10 Large bags of Animal Crackers
16 Boxes of Graham Crackers
15 x 90oz Jugs of Apple Juice

1200 Paper Plates
400 Spoons
800 Forks
2,000 Napkins
300 Bowls

200 Jumbo Popsicle Sticks
400 Clothespins
400 Coffee Filters
15 Packs of Markers
30 Metallic Markers (Any Color)
3 Containers of Mod Podge
200 River Rocks
200 Cross Beads
10lbs of Glow-in-the-Dark Beads
1 gal of Blue Paint
1 gal of Red Paint
1 gal of Green Paint
6 Spray Bottles
50 Paintbrushes
150 Electronic Tea Lights
400 x 9oz Cups (Clear)
3 Packs of Yellow Tissue Paper
3 Packs of Red Tissue Paper
3 Packs of Orange Tissue Paper

Room & Set Design and Bible Lessons

White Christmas Lights
30 Flashlights
Large Long Lengths of flat cardboard
Very Large Shallow Plastic Bin
Blue Shower Curtain
Large slabs of Styrofoam
Variety of delicate plastic flowers
Bird Feather (Natural Color)
Wooden Cross with stand (2 2x4s)

200 Paper Cups (5oz)
30 Glow Stars
2 Boxes Saltine Crackers
200 Lg Candy Bars
1 Lg Pack of Lg Binder Clips
2 King Size Brown Sheets
24 1-lb Boxes of Corn Starch


Pastor Arthur:
Pastor Bianca:

Comment Below with the items you are able to Donate