Training/Education FOR Mission

Our property at 2315 Markham Rd SW has been owned and operated by the Church of the Nazarene for nearly 75 years.  In it's early days, it served as a High School operated by the Southwest Native American District.  Later, it became the Nazarene Indian Bible College and then the Nazarene Native Mission Training Center.  The Sandia Church of the Nazarene purchased the property in 2007, in part to fulfill our vision of an intensive ministry training center operated by a local church.  Sandia Church of the Nazarene and Mission Albuquerque are committed to training Christians for both lay ministry and ordained ministry.  The advantage of this close partnership is the extensive active ministry experience and mentoring that is not present in many stand-alone college programs.

Continuing Lay Training (CTL)

As Christians, we are called to service and ministry. We are responsible for enhancing our effectiveness by learning necessary skills and expanding our understanding. CLT is designed to enable your process of "lifetime learning."  CLT has always been associated with quality lay training curriculum designed to enrich your understanding of God's Word and the basic doctrines essential to our shared life as a community of faith. Now we are emphasizing the powerful linkage between training and ministry. Our name expresses that link by associating training materials with our mission and objective: equipping Christians for ministry in the local church. Our hope is that through your participation in the various CLT / Lay Ministry programs you can increase your effectiveness as a Christian worker in your church.

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New Mexico District Training Center


While Sandia Church of the Nazarene and Mission Albuquerque do not offer an accredited college program, we partner with the New Mexico District Board of Ministry to offer the Modular Education Program (formerly Modular Course of Study), a non-accredited ICOSAC approved ministerial preparation program.  In May 2017, we are excited to continue partnering with the New Mexico District by becoming an Alliance District to form the New Mexico District Training Centerand offering courses that can transfer into accredited programs at Nazarene Bible College and Point Loma Nazarene University.  Currently more than 3/4 of the ministers preparing for ministry on the New Mexico District have taken at least one course at our training center.

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The Church of the Nazarene recognizes and insists that all believers have committed to them a dispensation of the gospel that they are to minister to all people.

We also recognize and hold that the Head of the Church calls some men and women to the more official and public work of the ministry. As our Lord called to Him whom He would, and chose and ordained His 12 apostles “that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach” (Mark 3:14), so He still calls and sends out messengers of the gospel. The church, illuminated by the Holy Spirit, will recognize the Lord’s call. (from Manual Paragraph 400)


Ministerial education is designed to assist in the preparation of God-called ministers whose service is vital to the expansion and extension of the holiness message into new areas of evangelistic opportunity. We recognize the importance of a clear understanding of our mission “to make Christlike disciples in the nations” based on Christ’s commission to His Church in Matthew 28:19-20. Much of the preparation is primarily theological and biblical in character, leading toward ordination in the ministry of the Church of the Nazarene. The District Ministerial Studies Board shall determine the placement and evaluate the progress of each student in his or her validated course of study.  (from Manual Paragraph 426)

Program Description

Intensive Short-term Mission Experiences

The church has constantly faced the challenge of encouraging youth to stay committed to their faith into adulthood.  Researchers agree that one of the most effective ways to keep our youth in the church is to engage them in mission.  Another way to describe this is to make sure that our youth are "Equipped, not Entertained."  Youth mission trips through Mission Albuquerque are designed to help students become more confident in their relationship with God and in the person that God has created them to be, in order to equip them for continued ministry within their own local church.  We have hosted student groups ranging in size from 15 to 150 and have opportunities for compassionate ministries, Outreach and evangelism, and facility care and preparation in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas.  We hope that every member of your youth mission teams, including adult sponsors, goes home transformed and ready to find the mission opportunities in their own community.

Internship & Fellowship Experiences

Mission Albuquerque offers hands-on experience in an urban ministry environment.  Sudents are immersed in ministry working with children, youth, and families or individuals steeped in addiction, homelessness, or prostitution.  Applicants must be currently involved in a local church and provide a recommendation from their pastor.  A call to ministry is not required, but preferred. Internships can be tailored to fit the needs of both the student and the ministry.  Interns have a chance to grow personally and spiritually through training, leadership development, worship and Bible Study, one-on-one discipleship, and social activities.

DCPI is a non-denominational organization committed to equipping leaders to plant churches.  Find out more about DCPI at  Training modules include Churches Planting Churches (CPC), Church Planting Essentials (CPE), Church Planting Movements (CPM), New Church Dynamics (NCD), Mentoring Church Planters (MCP), and a module for training new trainers, entitled Certified Trainer (CT).  The Sandia Church of the Nazarene Mission Training Center currently has trainers certified to train 4 of these modules.  Although we hold training events as a way to assist in the fulfillment of the mission of our local church and that of the New Mexico District Church of the Nazarene, other members of our own denomination, and anyone else who might feel the call of God on their life to see people come to know Christ through the planting of new churches are welcome!  

Mental Health First Aid

Essential for any ministry professional or volunteer today